Mae Ross

is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Oakland, CA

Hi my name is Mae Ross and I am a queer/trans Oakland-based multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on printmaking, digital art, and graphic design. I have also made a name for myself as a music producer/DJ in the local Bay Area under the pseudonym Technopagan. I strive to push the boundaries of the relationship between the digital and material world.


I have been using photoshop for 9+ years and use that as my main design tool. I use this skill to transfer my designs into the print world with a risograph, my print medium of choice. I have been exploring the translation from digital to analog with printing for about 3+ years now. I also come from a family of photographers and have been taking photos since I was young. Lately I have been into older digital cameras with absurdly small megapixels. The Y2k era cameras yield interesting results and have taught me a lot about technology from before my time. I am the lead designer and editor of a full color 44 page magazine, Generaiderz. The magazine is focused on the local music scene and is in process of its second issue.

Lately, I have been focusing on learning how to expand my skills in coding, and pursuing a education in graphic and web design.

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D Magazine

The Beach

Fruit App

"Tiger from Timbuktu"by John Warren

"Tulip Bay" by Emily Brown

Hansen Fashion

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